Peach Day

March 27th, 2018
Today was peach day in my workshop. I love making peaches. This will do for a start. However, I will need many more for my upcoming dollhouse and miniature shows. I needed to make a basket of peaches for an order to be mailed today. Did I say that my baskets of peaches are scented? Actually, they can come scented or unscented. This is a picture of the finished basket and today’s peach making session.

Making Grapes

February 27th, 2018

I just finished two baskets of grapes for my Etsy shop and upcoming miniature shows. I need some other items with grapes. I am thinking of wooden buckets, crates, and wine barrels. BTW, each grape is rolled by hand from polymer
clay, baked, and the glued on a special stem.








Meet Miss Hattie

September 7th, 2017

I have added a new member to the Martie’s Miniatures family. I am pleased to introduce Miss Hattie…short for Harriet. She will accompany me on some of my Mini events and help showcase some of the things I create. She will also go with me on some of my photoshoots. She has come to me from Korea by way of Iowa, In case you didn’t know about my other fun hobby, check out Two Little Old Ladies and a Camera. Right now, Miss Hattie is getting ready for a new hairdo.

Getting Back in the Groove

August 25th, 2017

I am still moving stuff from my old house to my apartment. I think before I move any more boxes, I need to organize what I have here and find a few major items that are missing in action during the moving process. I am contemplating changing this site to add an e-commerce area to offer the items I make as well as other mini/dollhouse items I am able to obtain. We shall see how today and the weekend go. This will become a rather interesting project for the weekend. I promise to keep everyone updated to my progress.

Another Fly in the Ointment

October 8th, 2016

This year has not been my year for working on items for Martie’s Miniatures. In April, I had knee replacement surgery. I checked in at a rehab center for 20 days of RNR…NOT as who could rest in such a place. You aren’t even allowed to sleep late! However, it did help me to stay there as the PT department was excellent. I went home to out patient rehab. Staying on my eating plan was the hardest part of rehab. What part of NO WHITE BREAD do they not understand.Actually, it’s no wheat products, sugar, or white rice or potatoes.

Moving right along…. losing weight enabled me to find a lump in my breast. Yup…I now have breast cancer. Only I don’t have it right now as I had surgery. Tumor removed with a clear margin and the lymph nodes cancer free, Chemo would only help 2% so no need for that. Only radiation and a pill.

I do need to get my act together as I have a mini show in Mooresville NC on Nov 5.  Check out my blog, Getting My Pink On.

Up and Running

August 18th, 2016

Well make that “Up” but not so much “Running”. At lease my website is back up. This year has been something else. On April 19 I had knee replacement surgery followed by several weeks in a rehab facility followed by physical therapy.  I did bring some of my mini projects to rehab as I seemed to have plenty of time to work on unfinished projects of the quarter scale variety.

Then a month a go, I found I have breast cancer. Surgery will take place on August 25. This will be followed by a course of radiation. Not sure about chemo. I’ll find that out after surgery.

My intentions are to continue working on my projects and to work on my mini food and flowers. I have made y peaches and they are waiting for their fuzz to be added. I have worked on pears as well. Next will be apples. My intention is to be able to be a dealer at the Dollhouse/Miniature show Nov. 5 in Mooresville NC.

Dinner and a Mini

December 10th, 2015

I really look forward to December when I can get with my mini friends for Dinner and a Mini. It’s always exciting to see what project has been created for us to work on. This year, we worked on Geppetto’s workshop. I haven’t finished mine yet, but as soon as I have it finished, I will upload a picture. The scene fits in a softball display box and comes with a lighted fire in the fireplace. I still have to finish the trim on the outside and make the selves and the counter on the inside. Then, I can make tiny toys and other furniture for the shop. For now, I must set this project aside to make way for Christmas. I promise to return to Geppetto’s Shop soon.

A Mini Miniature Show

August 20th, 2015

These are some of the items I had at A Mini Miniature Show. Keep an eye on my site for information on other shows.

Carved turkey dinner

Adding More Food to My Table

August 13th, 2015

I photographed some more food items that I recently made for my table at the online miniature show/sale. The show opens Aug 20. Tomorrow, I plan to actually set up a table so I can see all I have and can easily find the items that sell. that called organizing? Right now, everything is in their boxes located on my mantle. Which is where I have my photography station set up. It seems like everywhere I look I see mini food!

Here are two more items:

Carved turkey dinner Dressing



Bread and Candy

August 10th, 2015

I am working on getting items ready, photographed, and online for my first online miniature show. I finished several baskets of bread and a few decorative jars of candy.

bread-1 pink_candy-1 pink_candy-2