Up and Running

Well make that “Up” but not so much “Running”. At lease my website is back up. This year has been something else. On April 19 I had knee replacement surgery followed by several weeks in a rehab facility followed by physical therapy.  I did bring some of my mini projects to rehab as I seemed to have plenty of time to work on unfinished projects of the quarter scale variety.

Then a month a go, I found I have breast cancer. Surgery will take place on August 25. This will be followed by a course of radiation. Not sure about chemo. I’ll find that out after surgery.

My intentions are to continue working on my projects and to work on my mini food and flowers. I have made y peaches and they are waiting for their fuzz to be added. I have worked on pears as well. Next will be apples. My intention is to be able to be a dealer at the Dollhouse/Miniature show Nov. 5 in Mooresville NC.

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